UN Priorities

Overarching goal of the UN in Thailand

In accordance with the main conclusion in the Common Country Assessment for Thailand (CCA), the overarching goal of the UN in Thailand for the next five years is to promote disparity reduction and sustainable human development.This overarching goal is also in accordance with the shift in Thailand’s development strategy following the crisis that pays greater attention to equity and participation to promote long-term sustainable development. Disparity reduction as an overarching goal of the UN system goes beyond reduction of income inequalities between the rich and the poor. It encompasses promoting equal and fair access to basic needs and services and the right to development for all within a secure and safe environment.


Guiding Principles and Cross Cutting Issues

The UN will be guided by four principles, or cross cutting issues, in working with the Thai government, civil society and community based organisations, the private sector, and the broader donor community, towards achieving its overarching goal. The first of these is the underlying value system that informs the work of the UN, under the aegis of its global agenda.  The second is the principle that development is a fundamental human right. The third is the principle of equality between men and women. The fourth is that many issues extend beyond the strict national borders of the Kingdom of Thailand, and therefore need an international strategy for their solution.

UN interventions in Thailand will therefore be value-driven, rights-based, gender-sensitive and internationally-oriented.


Focus areas of UN intervention

Keeping these cross-cutting issues in mind, the UN has identified six focus areas of intervention for Thailand for the coming years. These are poverty reduction, social security and development, governance, international competitiveness, human security and environmental management. 

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