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Section B - Poverty and Inequality


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B. Poverty and inequality

Date/Period of Measurement
Frequency of Measurement
Data Sources
Proportion of the population below a defined poverty line Whole kingdom 12.9% 1998 Bi-annual National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB)  
by region Bangkok 0.6%
Central 7.7%
North 9.0%
Northeast 23.2%
South 14.8%
Income shares of population groups by income group Quintile 1 4.8% 1998 Bi-annual Socioeconomic survey, NSO. Processed by Development Evaluation Division, NESDB  
Quintile 2 8.4%
Quintile 3 12.7%
Quintile 4 20.2%
Quintile 5 53.9%
Gini-coefficient   48.1 (Gini index) 1998 Bi-annual the same as above  
Number of rural households achieving sustainable food security               Not available
Indebtedness among rural households Whole kingdom (Baht) 43,496 1996 Bi-annual 1996 Household Socio-Economic Survey, National Statistics Office, Office of the Prime Minister Rural households indebtedness is defined as an average households indebtedness among villages and sanitary districts areas for the whole kingdom.


Dated: 29Mar2000