The Mekong Trafficking Project of the United Nations System in Thailand

Newsletter Vol1 Issue1
September/October 2000

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Inter-Agency Project Underway at Last!

Welcome to the first newsletter of the UN Inter-Agency Project on Trafficking of Women and Children in the Mekong Sub-region.  We won't always command the front page of the newsletter, but this is a good opportunity to bring everyone up to date with the project, as well as our thoughts for the newsletter.

Phil Marshall commenced work as Programme Manager in mid-June, joining Kuniko Takamatsu, Programme Officer, and Nuankae Wongthawatchai, Project Assistant.  As requested by the UN Working Group, Phil has spent most of his time to date meeting with partner agencies and visiting all the project countries, only China now remaining.  We aim to have all the National Project Co-ordinators on board by the end of November and workplans for the rest of this year are being finalized in each country, with the main emphasis being on laying the groundwork for a detailed programme in 2001. 

With more and more projects in trafficking and related areas, the task of improving co-ordination is increasingly challenging.  In particular, there has been considerable interest in how the Inter-Agency Project will collaborate with the ILO-IPEC's Mekong Sub-regional Project to Combat Trafficking and IOM's new project for the Return and Reintegration of Trafficked Women and Children in the Mekong region.   The three projects will be working together closely at both regional and country level.  We have agreed that, in line with their organizational mandates, the IOM project will take the lead in return and rehabilitation and ILO will have a prime focus on employment (creation) and training.  The Inter-Agency project will have the lead role in data collection and co-ordination, the latter being defined broadly to include supporting activities which address gaps in national and regional programmes.  Due to this 'filling the gaps' role, the nature of activities supported by the project is likely to vary from country to country.

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Dated: 14 Nov 2000