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UNICEF, or United Nations Children's Fund, is the only United Nations agency devoted to helping, protecting, developing, and improving the livelihood of children, especially the disadvantaged. UNICEF's role focuses on early childhood care and development which is essential to promote the future of children.

UNICEF began in Thailand in 1947, soon after the country had become a member of the United Nations, and is now the longest established UN office in Asia. UNICEF works in close collaboration with the Thai government, nongovernmental organizations and.other United Nations agencies in protecting the rights of Thai children. The current UNICEF Thailand programme covers the following areas.

Iodine Deficiency Disorder (IDD)

UNICEF, in cooperation with the Ministry of Public Health, has supported the usage of iodized salt throughout the country to eradicate IDD.


Breastfeeding gives infants the best start in life by providing all their nutritional needs for the first 4-6 months and by protecting them from childhood diseases and allergies. UNICEF, in collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health, promotes breastfeeding through the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative, which encourages, supports and certifies that hospitals are practising 1 0 steps to successful breastfeeding.


UNICEF supports a supply of AZT to HIV/AIDS - infected mothers to avoid HIV transmission from mothers to children.

Children in Especially Difficult Circumstances

UNICEF provides supports on HIV/AIDS prevention to young children especially the disadvantaged groups - hill tribe children, street children, child labourers, and children in the commercial sex industry. Under the programme, life skills training is provided to change risk behaviours in the children which makes them vulnerable to contracting HIV.

UNICEF also provides support on children's rights, and sensitisati6n workshops for professionals and Thai government agencies working against the abuse of children.

UNICEF Fundraising

UNICEF income is derived from voluntary contributions submitted by governments, inter-governmental agencies, non-government organizations, and individuals around the world. However, the changing status of Thailand towards an advanced developing country has prompted UNICEF in Thailand to seek funds to continue the development work on behalf of the Thai children. UNICEF cooperation is therefore changing to supplement external support with more locally generated funding, with the support of UNICEF Ambassador for Thailand, H.E. Anand Panyarachun.

UNICEF greeting cards and related products

UNICEF greeting cards and merchandise are sold with sale proceeds helping Thai children. You can buy UNICEF greeting cards and related products at the UNICEF Office and all branches of Central Department Stores.

Dated: 23 July 2000