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Title: A Human Rights Approach to UNICEF Programming for Children and Women: What it is, and some changes it will bring

Author: Carol Bellamy

Organisation: UNICEF

Document Type: Guidelines

Sector: Children

Geographical Focus: Global

Subject: child rights, children, women's rights, human rights instruments, programming, monitoring and evaluation, human rights analysis, UNDAF, Convention on the Rights of the Child, Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women,

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Description: These guidelines provide UNICEF staff with specific guidance on the adoption of a rights-based approach at UNICEF and how to implement this approach in practice. The guidelines explain how to approach programming so that UNICEF’s work can contribute to the achievement of women’s and children’s rights. The paper address; the definition of a rights approach; the broad context for a basic understanding of needs and rights; general human rights and child rights principles; general implications for programming and advocacy; specific implications for programme assessment, analysis, strategy development and actions,; implications for programme support, communication, and capacity building; and the promotion of the rights-based approach through UNDAF and other development assistance frameworks.

Language: English

Pages: 35

Publication Details: UNICEF, New York, 1998

Distributor: UNICEF, 19 Pra Athit Rd. PO Box 2-154, Bangkok 10200, Tel: 662 280 5931, Fax: 662 281 6033

ISBN Number: -




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