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Title: Rights-Based Approaches to Development: An Overview of the Field

Author: Chris Jochnick and Paulina Garzon


Document Type: Bibliography

Sector: Children

Geographical Focus: Global

Subject: resources, economic, social and cultural rights

Hyperlink to document:

Description: This paper presents groups and resources that are related to rights-based approaches. It divides these organisations into those working on advocacy related to ESCR rights and those working on development in general. The paper provides an overview of the work that is being done followed by a compilation of related resources broken down by sector.

Language: English

Pages: -

Publication Details: Care, Oxfam-America, Ford Foundation, October 2002

Distributor: Care, Human Rights Initiative Office, Care USA, 151 Ellis Street NE, Atlanta, Georgia 30303 USA, Michael Rewald, Rights-based Approach Advisor, email: [email protected]

ISBN Number: -




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