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Title: Legal Empowerment Study - Legal Empowerment: Advancing Good Governance and Poverty Reduction, part 2

Author: ADB, Regional Technical Assistance


Document Type: Report

Sector: General

Geographical Focus: Bangladesh, Indonesia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Philippines, Thailand, Viet Nam

Subject: empowerment, education, governance, poverty, justice, law, participation

Hyperlink to document:

Description: The second part of the Legal Empowerment Study examines how legal empowerment of disadvantaged populations contributes to good governance, poverty reduction and other development goals. The report provides concrete examples of activities, strategies and implementation drawn from studies conducted in seven ADB member countries. The study contains recommendations for the integration of legal empowerment in development projects

Language: English

Pages: -

Publication Details: ADB, 2001

Distributor: ADB, Regional Technical Assistance (RETA 5856), Legal Literacy for Supporting Governance. P.O. Box 789 0980 Manila, Philippines, Tel: 632 632 4444 Fax: + 632 636 2444, Web:

ISBN Number: -




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