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Title: Working Together: Report of the Donor Workshop Working Together: Report of the Donor Workshop

Author: Andre Frankovits and Patrick Earle

Organisation: Sida

Document Type: Report

Sector: General

Geographical Focus: Global, Yemen, Nepal, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ecuador

Subject: workshop, donors, NGOs, lessons learned, implementation, programming, projects, case studies

Hyperlink to document:

Description: These two meeting reports provide an account of the NGO workshop and the donor workshop. Also included are the papers presented during the workshops for discussion and the background papers distributed prior to the meeting. The workshops aimed to bring together donor organizations and NGOs to share experiences and lessons learnt in the process of mainstreaming human rights. The workshop was designed to identify obstacles to and explore practical ways of implementing a human rights based approach.

Language: English

Pages: Book One 73, Book 2 - 101

Publication Details: SIDA, Sweden, 2000

Distributor: Sida, Department for Democracy and Social Development, 105 25 Stockholm, Sweden

ISBN Number: -




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