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Title: A Rights-based Approach to Development: What the policy documents of the UN, development cooperation and NGO agencies say

Author: Susan Appleyard

Organisation: OHCHR

Document Type: Paper

Sector: General

Geographical Focus: Global

Subject: policy, organisational change

Hyperlink to document:

Description: This document summarizes how a selection of development cooperation agencies, UN agencies and NGOs active in Asia define the rights-based approach to development, why they have adopted their policy and how they have incorporated it into their programmes. If an organization has not adopted a rights-based approach, we have summarized how it describes the relationship between human rights and development. The descriptions and language are drawn directly from policy documents issued by the organizations themselves. These descriptions have either been provided by or reviewed by the agency concerned.

Language: English

Pages: 44

Publication Details: -

Distributor: OHCHR Bangkok, email - [email protected],

ISBN Number: -




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