The E-Forum on Human Rights in Development

The E-Forum on human rights in development, which is an electronic extension of the Practitioners’ Forum on Human Rights in Development, will bring together development practitioners from throughout the Asia-Pacific region from UN agencies, NGOs and development cooperation agencies to discuss the human rights approach to development.

The E-Forum will work in several ways:

  1. E-Forum members are invited to post queries about the human rights approach to development. E-Forum members with relevant experience will then respond to these queries.
  2. OHCHR Bangkok will facilitate discussions on topics suggested by E-Forum members and where possible will bring in expert moderators.
  3. Prior to and following physical gatherings of the Practitioners’ Forum OHCHR Bangkok will facilitate discussions on the topic of the Practitioners’ Forum.

To join the E-Forum please visit http://groups.ohchrap.orgthen select devforum and follow the prompts.

Once you are a member of the E-Forum simply send an email to to post a message. This will then be moderated by the list manager and distributed to all E-Forum members.

To unsubscribe from this E-Forum please send a blank email to

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