FACE Activities


FACE monitors the cases of arrested paedophiles to try to ensure that prosecution occurs and that appropriate judicial processes are followed.

We coordinate with law enforcement officers and encourage them to perform their task more actively and effectively. FACE assists in obtaining evidence, especially from the victimized children if necessary. FACE usually accompanies those children to court and try to help solve their personal and family problems. Our representatives attend hearings in provinces throughout Thailand.

In 1996 FACE monitored 32 new and continuing cases. These cases took place throughout the country: Chiang Mai and Chiang Rai in the North, Khon Kaen and Udonthani in the Northeast, Phuket in the South, Cholburi (Pattaya) and Rayong in the East. Many cases happened in Bangkok.

FACE does not run a rehabilitation centre or children shelter. Some of the children were with the CPCR home, some were taken care of by the government’s children centre run by the Public Welfare Department, and some stayed with their own parents. FACE’s role was to try to obtain justice for them regarding sexual crime matters, and in some cases, to try to obtain compensation for them from the abusers.


Face’s lobbying efforts concentrate on legal reform and the improvement of legal procedures and mechanisms at the structural level. We lobby or serve as a member on working groups appointed by various governmental agencies including the National Commission on Women’s Affairs (NCWA).


FACE campaigns at both national and international levels to raise awareness of child sexual exploitation. Campiagn strategies include providing articles and interviews to the media, giving lectures and presentations, and participating as panelist/resource persons at conferences, seminars or workshops.

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