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Social Protection

Joint Team on Social Protection

Social Protection United Nations

The Joint Team on Social Protection focuses on enhancing Thailand’s capacity to establish a welfare society by 2017 through support in policy development, normative/analytical work, capacity development and knowledge management. The new partnership draws on the UN 2009 Social Protection Floor (SPF) initiative to promote holistic and coherent visions of a national social protection system that contribute to closing coverage gaps in access to essential services and social transfers, and reduce inequalities.  The joint partnership has been prepared by a team of RTG agencies (led by the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security) and UN agencies (led by ILO) with four key outcomes to be reached by 2016:

  • People are aware and exercise their welfare rights under the Welfare Society Strategy.

  • The Royal Thai Government progressively provides more adequate universal basic social protection measures, which maintain people above the nationally defined poverty line level throughout the life cycle.

  • Workers of the formal sector and the informal economy, and their families are covered and entitled to higher levels of benefits through contributory or partly-subsidized schemes.

  • Framework and budget support to ensure the financial and institutional sustainability of the social welfare system is developed and implemented.

Click here to see the results matrix of social protection

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