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Strategic Information

Joint Team on Strategic Information

strategic information united nations thailand

The Joint Team on Strategic Information aims to contribute to the development of unified national statistics and information systems that are able to inform policy development to reduce inequalities. The partnership facilitates sharing of best practices and lessons from other countries and introduce effective models for the creation of national statistics systems; it facilitates the integration of databases developed under various line ministries; contributes to capacity building at the national and sub-national levels on standardized data collection, data management and data dissemination systems; and promotes the use of data for the formulation of national development plans and policies to enhance social equity in Thailand.  The joint partnership has been prepared by a team of RTG agencies (led by the National Economic and Social Development Board) and UN agencies (led by UNFPA) with two key outcomes to be reached by 2016:

  • Unified, harmonized and well-coordinated national statistical and information systems in place.

  • Relevant line ministries are able to analyse and utilize data for evidence-based policy making with a particular focus on reducing inequalities.

Click here to see the results matrix of strategic information

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