FACE Fight Against Child Exploitation

Few issues create such strong anger as the sexual abuse of young children. Yet today we are witnessing the spread of child abuse and child prostitution in many countries.

The Coalition to Fight Against Child Exploitation (FACE) was founded in 1995 to monitor the legal/justice mechanism in Thailand. FACE works at both the policy and direct action levels, and links with other local and international NGOs who work directly with children throughout the country. FACE also works with Thai government agencies and agencies of other governments.

FACE’S activities and objectives include:

  • monitoring of child abuse cases through the judicial process,
  • working to solve the problem of child trafficking across border,
  • lobbying for laws which will better protect children and the closure of loopholes in existing legal mechanisms
  • campaigning publicly to raise awareness through educaiton and mass mesdia
  • documenting cases for research and publication
  • networking with government and non-government agencies and officers in other countries to coordinate the arrest, prosecution and conviction of child sex offenders and traffickers.


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