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Livelihood Recovery                                                                                      

This is a major factor affecting recovery in all sectors, not least the wellbeing of entire families. Diversification of livelihoods is needed in areas dependent on one form of income generation and workers need new skills; recovery efforts must take into consideration the need for environmentally sound and sustainable economic activities in both the tourism and fishing sectors. Sustainable livelihood recovery is a long term challenge, not a quick fix.

UN agencies are working with the Thai Government and NGO partners in fields such as assisting traditional fishing communities folk in income generation and livelihood restoration (FAO) and establishing community-managed finance (UNDP, UNHABITAT). ILO and UNDP are supporting skills development and income-generating activities for tourism workers and small businesses while eco-tourism and better coastal planning (UNEP, FAO) will ensure people's livelihoods are made more sustainable.

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