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UN Agencies in Thailand

24 UN agencies are active in Thailand. Find out who they are and how to contact them
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The UN System's role in Thailand
Thailand is a strong supporter of the United Nations. It has contributed to UN peacekeeping operations and has ratified a range of UN human rights, labour and environment conventions and treaties. Much of the UN's regional organizations are based in Bangkok, including the UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) and the recently established Asia Pacific regional centre of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP-APRC).

In both financial and operational terms the UN country programmes for Thailand itself remain quite modest, reflecting the country's improving development status. However, as Thailand effectuates this transition, the United Nations continues to play an important role in supporting Thailand's development process.

Comprising those UN agencies with significant Thailand-focused programmes, the UNCT is committed to continuing a strong, constructive partnership with the Thai government and key stakeholders in the country. Its activities aim to support and complement national policy processes in areas where the UN has a mandated expertise and can add value.

Consequently the Country Team strives to provide assistance in the areas of specialization of each of its agencies - be it in environmental protection, industrial development or cultural diversity. The UNCT focuses on groups with specific needs or vulnerabilities such as border populations, those at risk of or subject to trafficking, migrants, women and the rural poor.

These are areas where the UNCT can be most useful, utilising its capacity to provide intersectoral yet specialised responses to issues that are both specific and cross-cutting in nature. The UN also plays a natural coordinating role, seeking to ensure country-level harmonization in donor support, development activities and goal setting.