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Social Protection                                                                                           

The tsunami caused significant psychological trauma for children and adults, and increased the vulnerability of many children. Successful recovery in the affected provinces will require the participation of all people and communities: marginalised and vulnerable groups deserve the same access to healthcare, other social services, land title and consultation on land use.

UN agency contributions include training social workers to identify signs of distress, neglect and exploitation, to ensure protection for orphaned and vulnerable children; also child rights volunteers are being trained to advocate for children rights in tsunami-affected villages (UNICEF).

Foreign migrant workers in construction, fishing and tourism were among those most affected by the tsunami: IOM and UNFPA are leading initiatives to enhance the capacity of the Thai authorities to respond to the primary and reproductive healthcare needs of these workers and local Thai communities, as well as promoting HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention. Bottom-up planning and participatory governance is also being encouraged through UNDP-led projects.

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