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'Building Back Better'
Read how the technical assistance delivered by UN agencies in Thailand is already benefiting families and communities in the tsunami-affected areas.
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Role of UN

Working closely together, the UN Country Team plays a very strategic role in supporting Thailand's longer-term recovery efforts in the following priority areas:

(i) Social protection and support to vulnerable groups, including migrant workers

(ii) Health, water, and sanitation in the more remote areas

(iii) Livelihood recovery in fishing and tourism sectors

(iv) Environmental rehabilitation (land subsidence, coral reef clean-up, improved coastal zone management)

(v) Disaster preparedness and early warning system development

(vi) Support to the coordination of international assistance

Although Thailand did not officially appeal for financial support, the Government has welcomed support from the UN Country Team in providing strategic technical assistance and support directly to local governments and local NGOs working in the affected areas. For 2005, the UN Country Team mobilized USD 30 million through the regional component of the flash appeal, and an additional USD 10 million through other channels or from agencies' core resources.