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Impact on Thailand

Progress & Challenges
Lessons learned, challenges and achievements since the tsunami.
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Building Back Better
Bill Clinton, Special Envoy of the UN Secretary-General on Tsunami Recovery
"For a period of time everyone focused on saving lives without regard to nationality, politics or anything else," said former United States President Bill Clinton, the special UN envoy for tsunami relief, on the occasion of the six-month anniversary of the tragedy. "But while the immediate relief effort was unprecedented in its scope, we cannot underestimate the job that remains."

President Clinton has insisted that the rebuilding abide by a principle of "build back better," suggesting better housing, education, health care and economic opportunities.

This principle has been taken to heart by the UNCT efforts which are predominantly geared towards longer term, sustainable development. The emphasis is on assessing pre-existing problems and dealing with deeper development issues so that the actions carried out do the utmost for the people affected - now and for the generations to come.

'Building Back Better' articles:
Although it is important to emphasize that recovery and reconstruction is a long-term process, the technical assistance delivered by UN agencies in Thailand is already benefiting families and communities in the tsunami-affected areas. Find out how in these articles.