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This database has been established to complement the UN Common Country Assessment for Thailand. It contains a list of indicators, general as well as sector specific, which were defined by the CCA as being relevant for the monitoring of Thailand’s developmental progress. The indicators, divided into the sets shown below, are a development of the ‘Components of Well-being’ used by the National Economic and Social Development Board (NESDB). You can either view each set separately by clicking on the links below, or download the complete database as a compressed Excel file, "UNcommon.exe" (48Kb).

Webmaster's note: the Excel file has been converted into an EXE file called UNcommon.exe to solve downloading problems. After downloading UNcommon.exe, you must run it to extract the Excel file. To run UNcommon.exe, either (1) open Explorer, navigate to where you saved the file, and double click on it, or (2) press START->Run->Browse and navigate to where you saved the file, select the file then press Open and OK to run the file (the exact sequence might vary in different versions of the operating system). After extraction finishes, close the DOS box. The file UNcommon.xls will be found in the \Windows\temp directory (unless you have altered the Windows default temporary directory).

Each section is individually dated.

Each individual indicator is followed by its Sub-classification, its Data (i.e. its actual value), its Date/Period of Measurement, its Frequency of Measurement, its Source, and finally by one or more Remarks. Remarks can contain information amplifying or clarifying the data preceding it. This Database is intended to be a living source of up-to-date data. It will be updated from time to time, as new information and/or revised data becomes available. Comments and/or corrections on these indicators are therefore most welcome.

To make suggestions or comments, email or phone, FAX or mail the Resident Coordinator.


Dated: 25 May 2000