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Progress & Challenges
In Thailand the emergency phase was considered to be mostly over within two months of the tsunami, and the country is now well into the recovery phase. With the Government moving towards longer term rehabilitation and recovery in four key areas, the United Nations Country Team is also implementing programmes in these fields of social protection, livelihood recovery, environmental rehabilitation and disaster preparedness.

It is important to emphasize that recovery and reconstruction is a long-term process, and the UN Country Team has thus been delivering technical assistance oriented towards mid-long term recovery, with a 'build back better' approach, using the tsunami as an opportunity to help communities develop beyond the process of rebuilding what has been destroyed.

Key messages:

The Royal Thai Government is widely acknowledged to have led an effective response
The tsunami caused significant psychological trauma for children and adults
Thailand now has an opportunity to ensure that sustainability is a key focus of livelihood recovery and development
'Building back better' in Thailand will also require the participation of all sectors in society
The UN is committed to establishing transparency and accountability
We are working together to prepare for and mitigate the impacts of future disasters

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