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Impact on Thailand

Progress & Challenges
Lessons learned, challenges and achievements since the tsunami.
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Assessment Reports
A number of needs assessments were carried out by UN agencies and other humanitarian partners immediately after the tsunami disaster and for several months afterwards. The reports are listed in reverse chronological order.

12 May 2005:
UNDP Mission Report: Emergency Tsunami Coral Reef Clean-Up Operations Project Monitoring and Media Trip, Similan Islands.

5 May 2005:
World Vision Tsunami Response Update.

18 February 2005:
UNICEF Emergency HIV Assessment Report.

16 February 2005:
IOM/UNHCR/UNIFEM/UNOHCHR/WB Technical Assistance Mission Report.

16 February 2005:
UNICEF Child Protection Assesment.

08 February 2005:
UNICEF Education Assessment Report.

25 January 2005:
Working Paper on AIT's Response to the Earthquake and Tsunami in South and Southeast Asia. (Updated on 01 March)

25 January 2005:
American Refugee Committee/Thailand, Post-Tsunami Rapid Psychosocial Needs Assessment Report - Ranong and Phang Nga Provinces.

21 January 2005:
UNDAC Mission Report, Thailand.

15 January 2005:
IFRC Appeal No. 28/2004 Operations Update No. 19.

10 January 2005:
UNDP, WB, FAO Joint Tsunami Disaster Assessment Mission. Livelihood Recovery & Environmental Rehabilitation.

09 January 2005:
American Refugee Committee/Thailand, Restoration of Livelihoods Village Boat Replacement Project.

03 January 2005:
UNDAC Field Report - Khao Lak.

01 January 2005:
UNDAC Field Report - Ranong and Pang-Nga Provinces.

31 December 2004:
UNDAC Field Report - Trang and Krabi Provinces.

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