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Based on the UNJPA and PAF funded UNISP(UNJPA operational Plan), UNAIDS and cosponsors will work closely with national partners, specially the NAC secretariat/MOPH and key stakeholders to ensure effective response. The following are major activities:

• Reviewing the national AIDS plan and providing technical training for capacity building of the NAC secretariat and multi-ministries

• Establishing a nationally mandatory unit to carry on monitoring and evaluation of the national AIDS programmes.

• Developing an advocacy plan to provide opportunities to organise political dialogues and partnership forum. Also, the plan will be implemented to develop technical guidelines on specific issues such as(among many issues) how to develop and implement a methadone maintenance programme and how to integrate life skill education into school curriculum. Based on the plan, updating the country profile document and producing a mobile exhibition kits and stands will also be undertaken to support public advocacy.

• Giving support for national mechanisms and stakeholders to participate in GFATM process and the XV International AIDS Conference. Many outcomes and outputs of the UNJPA and UNISP will be presented at the conference.

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS in Thailand.
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