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  • UNAIDS engagement at the conference


The conference is organized by the International AIDS Society in partnership with the Ministry of Public Health government of Thailand. UNAIDS is a Co-organizer of the Conference and has a seat on the Conference Organizing Committee (COC) which makes policy and program decisions on the IAC. Gudmund Hernes and Werasit Sittitrai represent the UNAIDS family on the COC.

A representative from UNAIDS office in Bangkok is also a member in five out of thirteen subcommittees under Local Host Steering Committee for the IAC. Such subcommittees are
- Communication and Public Relations
- Opening and Closing Ceremonies
- Fund raising and Allocations
- Youth Program
- Translation


  • Financial support to the IAC from UNAIDS Family

Based on approval of the Cosponsors, UNAIDS is providing funding to support the conference as follows:
- US$ 70,000 of which US$ 40,000 is earmarked for supporting community participants from developing countries
- USD$175,000 for supporting the Leadership Program


  • Preparations for the conference

UNAIDS booth A space of 150 square meters has been blocked with the Conference organizers for a common UNAIDS booth. The space will be shared equally among the nine Cosponsors and the Secretariat along with a small common space for exhibitions and for video/film projection. A separate booth on UNAIDS family’s commitment to 3x5 is also funded by the UNAIDS family with WHO leading on the technical issues.

The Bangkok Report
The 2004 Report on the Global HIV/AIDS Epidemic (Bangkok report) with inputs from Cosponsors and Secretariat representatives will be released in the first week of July.

The programme book is available on the conference website; www.aids2004.org

Information and key contacts
An e-workspace has been established for sharing information with the Working Group members from Cosponsors and the UNAIDS Secretariat. The Working Group members are listed below:
UNICEF: Ken Legins: [email protected]
Robert Bennoun: [email protected]

UNDP: Caitlin Wiesen: [email protected]
Hakan Bjorkman: [email protected]

UNFPA: Akiko Takai: [email protected]
Chaiyos Kunanusont: [email protected]

UNODC: Zhannat Kosmukhamedova: [email protected]

ILO: Claire Mulanga: [email protected]

UNESCO: Gudmund Hernes: [email protected]

WHO: Gilles Poumerol: [email protected]

World Bank: Debrework Zewdie: [email protected]

WFP: Robin Jackson: [email protected]

UNAIDS Secretariat: Werasit Sittitrai: [email protected]
Pradeep Kakkattil: [email protected]

UNAIDS Focal Point based in Bangkok: David Bridger: [email protected]
Matana Bunnag: [email protected]


  • UNAIDS Family Logistical Arrangement
If you have not yet made your flight reservations you should do so as soon as flights are likely to be full.

Local transport
The Conference is organising shuttle service from many of the hotels to the Impact Convention centre (approx one hour by road). The shuttle service is also available from the “Victory Monument” Sky Train station.

The UNAIDS family offices will be located at the IMPACT Convention Center Hall, Level 1.

Offices 4, 5 and 6 are reserved for meetings of Cosponsor Heads of agencies.

A computer room equipped with ~20 computers, 2 printers, a fax machine and a photocopy machine (all computers will have e-mail and internet access) will be available for use by all UNAIDS staff during the Conference. A message board will also be placed in this room.

Two meeting rooms with a capacity of ~20 people each and one meeting room with a capacity of ~60 people can be used for consultations or side meetings. These need to be booked in advance with Gabi ([email protected]) for a maximum of 2 hours at a time (booking can be made from now on). Microphones/earphones and interpretation services will not be available. An LCD projector will be available in Meeting Room 1 (capacity ~60 people).

A VIP Box, located on the 3rd level of the Arena is also available for the UNAIDS family to hold small meetings (capacity ~12 people) and can be reserved with Gabi in advance.

A daily coordination meeting will be organised for UNAIDS and its Cosponsors to share information, priorities and to assign responsibilities. This meeting will be held at the Impact Convention Centre from 7h30 until 8h15 everyday. All UNAIDS staff must attend this meeting.

Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS in Thailand.
12th Floor, United Nations Building, Rajdamnern Nok Avenue
Bangkok 10200, Thailand.
Tel.(662)228-1203, Fax(662)208-1414