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  • Logistical Note

This note, sent to all focal points of UNAIDS cosponsors and the UNAIDS Secretariat attending the International AIDS Conference, is to provide general information on your upcoming travel.

1. Bangkok
There are approximately 6 million people living in Bangkok itself, but including the surrounding provinces there is a total of about 9 million. The climate tends to be humid and hot throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 28 degrees C (83 degrees F). The year is divided into three seasons: Hot (March–May); Rainy (June–October); Cool (November–February).


Thai currency is called Baht (báat). There are 100 satangs in 1 Baht. Notes are issued in denominations of B1000 (grey), B500 (purple), B100 (red), B50 (blue), B20 (green) and B10 (brown). There are 10, 5 and 1 Baht coins, and 50 and 25 satang. US$ 1 = ~THB 39,12.

Tap water is not recommended for drinking. Drink only bottled water. Most hotels and large restaurants offer bottled water and clean ice.

The conference web site www.aids.2004org (general information) may provide you with any additional information you may seek.

2. Travel
If you have not yet made your flight reservations you should do so as soon as possible and send a copy of the itinerary to Gabi ([email protected]) to ensure appropriate room reservation. Please also send to Gabi a copy of your travel authorization. If you are to be registered as a regular delegate, please ensure that this is mentioned on the TA as per the instructions sent to your Administrative Assistant/Area Assistant.

3. Visa
The UNLP and Passport must be valid for 6 months after departure date from Bangkok. It is recommended that people travelling with UNLP also carry their national passport.
An Embassy form must be completed and forwarded to the respective Thai Consulate/ Embassy with 2 recent passport photos. The issuance of a visa requires a minimum of 7 working days. More information may be obtained at www.aids2004.org (general information – travelling to Bangkok)

4. Vaccination
The following list of vaccination is highly recommended when travelling to Thailand:
- Tetanus, Diphteria, Polio
- Hepatitis A

When staying in Bangkok for more than two weeks and/or travelling outside Bangkok the following vaccination is highly recommended:
- Typhoid
- Malaria prophylaxis

For persons travelling frequently to Asia Hepatitis B is strongly recommended.

An International Health Certificate for having received Yellow Fever vaccination is mandatory for delegates travelling from or through countries which have been declared Yellow Fever Infected Areas. (Please check with the relevant authority at your country of residence.)

Our Medical Service has asked me to point out the importance of contacting them early to ensure that all necessary vaccination(s) can be made in a timely manner.

Information on the Avian Flu may be obtained on www.dld.go.th/home/bird_flu/bird_flu.html.


5. Hotels
UNAIDS arranged hotel reservation for most of its cosponsors and its secretariat through Congrex. Below, please find a list of hotels where the delegates will be accommodated and information on transport facilities from the hotel to the conference site. The distance from the airport to the hotels is approximately 24-28 km. A Taxi from the airport to the hotel costs about THB 250-300 (US$ 7.50) (plus fee for use of express way ~THB 100 [US$ 2.50]).

Hotel Sheraton Grande Sukhumwit
250, Sukhumvit Road
Tel: +66 2 653 03 33
Fax: +66 2 653 04 00 Transport to Conference Venue: By Sky train from “Asok” station to “Mo Chit” station (travel time ~35 minutes). By car using expressway travel time ~1 hour 15 minutes.

Imperial Queens Park Hotel
199 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 22
Tel: +66 2 261 90 00
Fax: + 66 2 261 94 81 Transport to Conference Venue: By Sky train from “Phrom Phong” station to “Mo Chit” station (travel time ~40 minutes). By car using expressway travel time ~1hour 20 minutes.

Amari Boulevard Hotel
5 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 2
Tel: + 66 2 255 29 30
Fax: +66 2 255 29 50 Transport to Conference Venue: By Sky train from “Nana” station to “Mo Chit” station (travel time ~30 minutes). By car using expressway travel time ~1 hour 15 minutes.

The Landmark Hotel
138 Sukhumvit Road
Tel: +66 2 254 04 04
Fax: +66 2 253 42 59 Transport to Conference Venue: By Sky train from “Nana” station to “Mo Chit” station (travel time ~30 minutes). By car using expressway travel time ~1 hour.

Emporium Suites
622 Sukhumvit Road, Soi 24
Tel: +66 2 664 99 99
Fax: +66 2 664 99 90 Transport to Conference Venue: By Sky train from “Phrom Phong” station to “Mo Chit” station (travel time ~40 minutes). By car using expressway travel time ~1hour 20 minutes.

6. Local Transportation
The conference organizers will arrange a shuttle service from the main hotels to the conference site. Information as to the route/schedule will be sent to you as soon as known.

The fastest and cheapest way of getting to the conference centre is by Sky train. A multiple 10 trip ticket for the Sky train can be purchased for THB 250 (US$ 6.50). A shuttle service will be organized by the conference organizers.“Victory Monument” Sky Train station

A Taxi from the hotel to the Impact Center costs about THB 300 (US$ 7.50) (including THB 90 for the use of the expressway). Please note that the transfer by Taxi will be considerably longer during and close to office hours.

Attached please find a plan for the offices of the UNAIDS family at the Impact Convention Centre. It is still a draft but will probably not change very much. The UNAIDS offices will be located at the IMPACT Convention Center Hall, Level 2.

Offices 4, 5 and 6 are reserved for meetings of Cosponsor Heads of agencies.

The computer room will be equipped with ~20 computers, 2 printers, a fax machine and a photocopy machine (all computers will have e-mail and internet access). A message board will also be placed in this room.

Two meeting rooms with a capacity of ~20 people each and one meeting room with a capacity of ~60 people can be used for consultations or side meetings. These need to be booked in advance with Gabi for a maximum of 2 hours at a time (booking can be made from now on). Microphones/earphones and interpretation services will not be available. An LCD projector will be available in Meeting Room 1 (capacity ~60 people).

A VIP Box, located on the 3rd level of the Arena is also available for the UNAIDS family to hold small meetings (capacity ~12 people) and can be reserved with Gabi in advance.

8. Security Brief Meeting - Saturday, July 10
UNAIDS in collaboration with the UN Security Coordinator will organise a security briefing on Saturday 10 July for UNAIDS staff attending the Conference. Two 1-hour sessions will be organised - at 2.30 pm and 6.00 pm at the Emporium Suites Heliconia Room, Emporia Level(EL) and delegates may choose which session to attend based on their convenience.The security briefing meeting is compulsory for all Secretariat staff. Ulf Kristoffersson from the Secretariat will be the overall Security focal point in Bangkok for UNAIDS family.

9. Orientation Meeting - Sunday, July 11
An orientation Meeting for all UNAIDS staff will be arganised on July 11 at the IMPACT Convention Centre from 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm, Room G , Impact Conference Centre. The objective of the meeting is to familiarize participants with the key issue at the Conference, different logistical arrangements and Questions and Answers. Co-chaired by Werasit Sittitrai and Gudmund Hernes,the Orientation Meeting is mandoratory for all Secretatiat staff

10. Daily Coordination Meeting
A daily coordination meeting will be organised for UNAIDS and its Cosponsors to share information, priorities and to assign responsibilities. This meeting will be held at the Impact Convention Centre from 7h30 until 8h15. All UNAIDS staff must attend this meeting. As this would mean early departure from the hotel it has been confirmed by the Emporium Suites Hotel that an American Buffet Breakfast will be served as of 5h30. The Sheraton Grande Sukhumvit Hotel has also confirmed that breakfast will be served as of 5h30 at the Orchid café.

A number of mobile handsets - for local calls only - will be made available during the conference and handed out by Gabi in Bangkok.

12.UNAIDS Family booth
150 sqm space has been booked and a common booth will be set up on the theme of the WAC and the conference theme of Access for All. The booth is being coordinated by Andy Seale in Geneva and David Bridger, along with colleagues from SEAPICT, in Bangkok. All staff will be assigned to the booth for a few hours during the conference to ensure coverage at all times.

Exhibitor badges permit access to the exhibition area only. Participants registered as regular delegate have access to all areas.

13. Useful information
Upon departure from Bangkok please note that a fee (passenger service charge and value added tax) of THB 500 (US$ 13) is to be paid.

If you go on a shopping spree and your purchase in one shop amounts to more than THB 2500 (US$ 64) please ensure to obtain (at the shop) a form for customs for refund of VAT (7%) at the airport before your departure.

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