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The UNDP is a politically neutral development agency that provides impartial advice, advocacy, development and financial support to the 174 UN-certified developing countries that are home to 90 percent of the world's poor. A guiding principle of the UNDP is that sustainable development is paramount to the pursuit of peace and human security. In achieving sustainable development, the UN must therefore be a strong advocate of development as well as peace.

The UNDP maintains a presence in most developing countries through a network of 132 local offices. Through these offices, UNDP assists local governments in formulating policies and strengthening capacity for delivering basic human needs to people.

In Thailand, UNDP is involved in four thematic areas: poverty alleviation, promoting good governance, natural resources/environment management and trilateral co-operation. UNDP also continues to run an active sub-regional programme, in collaboration with other agencies, on HIV/AIDS.  In  2000 the UNDP has been playing an active role in working with other UN agencies to develop interagency projects.




Enabling sustainable human development and poverty alleviation through decentralisation, community empowerment, social investment and transparency in the public and private sector.  

Support to the National Committee on Decentralisation of the decentralised strategies. Recommendations on anti-corruption methods implemented.

TCDC and trilateral co-operation workshops i.e. on HIV/AIDS, Micro-finance, environment and skill development.

Strengthened trilateral co-operation and network between the RTG and countries in other regions and with UN agencies concerned i.e. UNAIDS, ESCAP, ILO. 

TCDC co-operation with East Timor has been initiated.

Capacity building for East Timorese being carried out.

Poverty eradication and sustainable livelihoods projects to support the RTG’s poverty strategies.

New modalities to address poverty problems through good governance approach and close linkages between field level experiences and policy making institutions/bodies.

Environmental protection and regeneration

  • Projects supported by the Global Environment Facility and Multilateral Funds of the Montreal Protocol.
  • Pipeline projects formulated on development of institutional works in climate change and biodiversity.
  • Capacity building within the Office of Environmental Policy and Planning.


Enhanced participation of communities in environment protection and awareness.

Improved national capacity to negotiate and implement global environment commitments.

New base for environmental partnerships established.


















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