UNICEF, or United Nations Children's Fund , is the only United Nations agency devoted to helping, protecting, developing, and improving the livelihood of children, especially the disadvantaged. UNICEF's role focuses on early childhood care and development, which is essential to promote the future of children.

UNICEF was engaged in a wide range of activities in Thailand during 2000, which were constructed around four main components; Child Protection and Development, Promotion of Child Rights and Disparity Reduction, Social Policy Analysis and Technical Co-operation among Developing Countries.




Integrated Family Development and child protection.

Created hotlines on children’s rights andprovided training on income generation, AIDS awareness and promoting reciprocal relationships between adults and children.

Strengthening protection and development of children in need of special protection.

Improved treatment of children victims of abuse and exploitation.

Promotion of child rights and disparity reduction through social mobilisation, advocacy and alliance building between NGOs, policy makers, professional the media and the private sector.


Monitoring and evaluating goals to strengthen capacities to monitor trends in protection of children.


Technical co-operation among developing countries.

Enhance collaboration between Thai professional and their counterparts in the region.
















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