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UNIFEM was established in 1975 at the First World Conference on Women in Mexico as a voluntary fund within the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP). It brings women's interests and concerns to the world development agenda. In 1985 at the World Conference on Women in Nairobi, the fund became UNIFEM, an independent organisation in autonomous association with UNDP.

In Thailand, UNIFEM was active in continuing to promote gender issues throughout the UN system of agencies in 2000.  The agency was involved in several activities including a conference on Asia-Pacific women parliamentarians and a regional workshop on gender and macroeconomic policy and support for participation of two Thai representatives at the UN special assembly on women in June 2000.  UNIFEM’s national program consisted of six projects aimed at promoting awareness on gender issues amongst the general public, NGOs and donors.



Supported two Thai participants in UN assembly on women.

Several follow up activities at the national level are planned to translate recommendations into action.

‘White Ribbon’ Campaign in the UN.

Greater awareness and motivation of the public to take action on issues of gender violence.

Technical support and funding for Asia foundation project "Hotline for Men: Eliminating violence against women".

Greater awareness and motivation on men’s issues relating to violence against women.

Organised "International Women's Day in conjunction with UNDP and UNFPA.

Increased awareness of UN agencies, NGOs donors and general public of women’s issues.

Seminar on globalisation and women.

Articles appeared in eight newspapers.













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