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for Refugees


The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) mandate to provide international protection and seek durable solutions for refugees comes from a resolution adopted by the UN General Assembly.

In 2000, UNHCR dealt with two beneficiary populations in Thailand: the main caseload consisting of refugees from Myanmar (totalling approximately 105,000 persons) living primarily in 11 camps along the border. The second beneficiary population consists of asylum seekers and refugees in Bangkok.  As Thailand is not a signatory of the 1951 UN Convention on the Status of Refugees, UNHCR continued to conduct refugee status determination for asylum seekers, implement assistance activities and advocate on their behalf in case of detention or threat of deportation.




Ensure that the fundamentals of international protection including principles of asylum and non-refoulement are respected and effectively implemented.

9,726 persons were accepted into refugee camps and the registration database for refugee camps was updated.

Ensure that refugee populations in the Thai-Myanmar border area are safe from armed incursions and that humanitarian standards are maintained in the camps.

One camp was relocated to prevent attacks and there was close monitoring of the safety of refugees along the Thai-Myanmar border.

Promptly identify and protect individual asylum-seekers and promote the development of national refugee legislation and status determination procedures consistent with international standards.

594 asylum-seekers were recognised as refugees by UNHCR during the year.

Seminars on refugee law and training activities for government bodies, academic institutions and other concerned interlocutors, as well as awareness campaigns.

Promoted accession to international refugee instruments and led to the enactment of national refugee legislation.

Promote the attainment of durable solutions.

1,248 refugees were resettled during 2000.
















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